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We are a small kennel located in Michigan; established in 2005.
We expanded in 2013 to include the

Blue Stunna Kennels (Chicago Division) with Alfredo Martinez.
We breed our dogs to strengthen and improve

Razor's Edge and Gottiline American Bully.  
We breed for temperament, obedience, and large head and body size.  
All of our dogs, including the puppies that we sell, are raised in our home.  
We provide a loving family atmosphere for all dogs in our care.
Our Policy For Breeding and Selling Dogs
Because we care about Bully breeds,
we absolutely will not breed or sell any dog to fight

or to be used in any illegal manner.  
We do not condone those types of activities!  
There are no exceptions to this policy.  
Anyone purchasing a dog from us must sign a contract.
Contact Information for BSK and BSK-Chi
Trey (BSK) can be contacted by phone at (870) 275-5594
or by email at
Casey (BSK) can be contacted by phone at (870) 897-4365
or by email at
Freddie (BSK-Chi) can be contacted by phone at (815) 212-2921
or by email at
Copyright © 2005-2012 Blue Stunna Kennels. All rights reserved.  No photos or content may be reproduced without the written consent of Blue Stunna Kennels.
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Updated: December 23, 2018

tay tuned for exciting breedings
coming from BSK in
Summer to Fall of 2019!!

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